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Is your next job in our afternoon distribution?

Budnet distributes approximately 16.5 million weekly newspapers  and 14.5 million dailies annually. Budnet's afternoon distribution distributes weekly newspapers in Ringkøbing, Skjern, Holstebro, Lemvig, Struer, Viborg and upland towns in these areas, as well as daily newspapers in Vejle, Horsens and Fredericia.

Budnet's afternoon distribution is an important part of our business, where we ensure that we reach our many customers with their weekly newspapers and advertisements. We value our dedicated employees who make sure every day to bring products to people across the country.

As a carrier in our afternoon distribution, you have flexible working hours that are well suited to a freetime job, student job or just as a way to earn a little extra money. We also have the option of taking young employees as young as 13 on our weekly newspaper routes, as long as they have the right attitude and motivation.

At Budnet, we emphasize a good working environment and a positive atmosphere where our employees thrive and have fun together. We value our team of carriers and make sure they have the right resources and support to do their jobs the best they can.

Are you interested in becoming part of the afternoon distribution? Then contact your local department:

Would you like to see more about what the job as a carrier in the afternoon distribution is like? So feel free to stop by our Instagram and Facebook profile. We are happy to share pictures and stories from our employees so that you can get an insight into what the job entails and why it is fun and rewarding to be part of Budnet. We hope to hear from you soon!