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Rasmus SucksdorffDistributionchef

Ditte SøgaardDistributioncoordinator

Jane KarlsenAdminstrative employeer

Diana Bak Krogstrup Administrative employeePhone: 99128345

In Budnet, the administration is an important part of the company, which ensures that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. The tasks range widely and include everything from marketing, management to handling accounting and logistics.

The administration team works across departments. This requires a solid organizational structure.

A central part of the administration at Budnet is the handling of employees and customers. We always work purposefully to have a good workplace and to ensure a good service for our customers. It is important that the staff are skilled at multi-tasking and thrive on a hectic and varied working day.

Accounting and financial tasks are also an important part of the administration at Budnet. The staff must ensure that everything is processed correctly and in a timely manner and that budgets and accounts are up-to-date and accurate.

In the administrative team, there are a number of different tasks, all of which play an important role in the company's daily operations. The management is responsible for giving direction and setting goals for the team, while also ensuring that the tasks are carried out efficiently and professionally. Dealer service involves maintaining good relationships with suppliers and ensuring that all customers get their products. Work is done with finances, as well as entering salaries. Work routes are planned and optimized to ensure efficient distribution. The working environment is continuously monitored and improved to ensure employees' well-being. Recruitment involves finding and hiring qualified employees. Marketing ensures the visibility of the company and attracts new employees. The day-to-day operations include the coordination of all activities and ensure efficient and productive work in the team. These various tasks are all essential to ensure a well-functioning and successful business.

In addition, the administration plays a major role in the logistics of the delivery network.

All in all, the administration in Budnet is a complex function that plays a decisive role in the company's success. It is important that the staff are skilled, committed and able to work together to ensure an efficient and professional service to customers and well-being among employees.

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