Safety and environment

We are very focused on the wellbeing of our employees in more than one way.

Security of employment:

People who are employed are covered by a collective agreement. This means that there are clear guidelines for all workrelated questions, whether you are 13 or 83 years old. The agreement is specifically for newspaper deliverers and is made in cooperation between 3F and Danish Media Employers' Association

New agreement 2020-2023 has been, made but not in English yet. See the Danish version here Agreement

Safety in the work environment:

If you are injured during the delivery of your newspapers, weeklies or advertising, you should contact your safety representative. You can also contact your representative if you have questions in relation to the working environment.

If anything happens, you are naturally covered by insurance during your delivery.

For more information about work environment Read here

Safety representative - Jylland

Ditte Kjær Søgaard
Telefon: 63151516

Safety representative - Fyn

Troels Sundstrup
Telefon: 27681913 / 65991081