Job in Jylland

Delivering daily papers

You need to deliver the daily papers Monday-Friday before 17:00. And Saturday before 08:00 am.

You have the opportunity for a job as a deliver of one or more of the following daily newspapers:

  • Dagbladet Holstebro
  • Dagbladet Struer
  • Folkebladet Lemvig
  • Dagbladet Ringkøbing-Skjern
  • Viborg StiftsFolkeblad*
  • Vejle Amts Folkeblad*
  • Horsens Folkeblad*
  • Fredericia Dagblad*

*Budnet DO NOT deliver papers on Saturdays in Vejle, Fredericia, Horsens and Viborg.

Weekly papers

You have the opportunity for a job as a distributor of one or more of the following weekly newspapers:

  • Bjerringbro Avis
  • Holstebro Onsdag
  • Lokalavisen Lemvig
  • Mariager Avis
  • Randers Onsdag
  • Ringkøbing Ugeavis
  • Struer Ugeavis
  • Ugeavisen Møldrup/Aalestrup
  • Ugeposten Skjern
  • Viborg Nyt

Along with the local weekly newspapers, you also need to deliver promotional printed matter, if these are on your list.


To work for budnet you need to be 13 years old. Depending on where you work you will get the products delivered straight to your home or pick them up from a local depot When you work for us you will get bike bags or a trailer for the papers.


The payment is calculated from a collective agreement.

Minimum wage according to the collective agreement from March 2022:

18 years:115,75 kr.
17 years:86,81 kr.
16 years:75,24 kr.
13- 15 years:57,88 kr.

For young people under 18

Are you under the age of 18 and want a part-time job? We can offer you a flexible job where you will still have time for your hobbies.

For adults

Do you need a part-time job, an extra income, a student job or whatever it might be…
Get more information about the possibility of a part-time job as a newspaper deliverer.

Available routes

Here you can see which available / replacement routes we have in your immediate area.